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Thinking of selling your boat?

If, during your storage, you decide to sell your vessel, or the boat comes to the yard to lay up for the purpose of selling, Blagdon's can help to make sure the sale is handled with care, and prospective buyers can safely and appropriately look around.

We request, that should you decide to put your boat on the market, we are given notice of your intention to advertise or the details of your intended broker. (We can recommend good local brokerages.)

If you advertise your boat privately, we will not allow viewers into the yard without your attendance. This is to prevent casual visitors and protect your boat from risk. If a sale is agreed, our office will require immediate written confirmation from the owner and a new contract including personal information from the new owner.

Viewings through a brokerage must be conducted with a representative of that brokerage present.

Blagdon's can provide advice on how best to present your boat to give the bestselling conditions.

To support the sale, Blagdon's offers the following advice:

1. Make sure your boat is clean inside and out.

2. Have a clear inventory of what equipment you are selling with the boat.

3. Have copies of documents available to show history of service work carried out such as engine maintenance, sail care etc.

4. Don’t leave anything on board you consider valuable - viewing with even a broker can lead to theft.

5. Blagdon's offers a tariff of regular care to ensure your boat stays in a clean and tidy state. Please ask for details.

6. If your boat remains unsold for a long period, if left unmaintained it will lose significant value. Your boat is an investment - don't waste it!

If a boat is sold in the yard that has outstanding yard fees, it will not be permitted to leave until these debts are cleared in full.

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