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Blagdon's Pre-Launch Guide

Getting your boat ready for launch in advance can save time and expense. We advise using this check list to ensure a successful launch:

Before Hoist Date

Has the engine been serviced and run ashore?

Have the batteries been tested and charged?

Is the fuel tank full?

Is the gas system serviced, tested and certificated?

Are the fire extinguishers on board, tested and in date?

Is your boat insured?

Are all the electrics and electronics working? Do the lights work?

Do you have an emergency plan on board?

Do you have spares for emergency kit parts? (Bulbs, batteries etc.)

For the Lift

Have you made any alterations to the boat that might affect the lift?

Have you collected any spare keys from the office?

If you expect leaks, are you prepared for them?

Is your dinghy ready and if necessary, inflated?

Is your liferaft tested and on board?

If you need gas bottles, are they full and safely secured?

Do you have enough antifouling for the patches?

Are control lines fitted to the bow and stern with fenders in place?

Have you filled your fresh water tanks?

Please be advised that no boat will be permitted to leave the yard until all yard charges have been paid.

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