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Blagdon's Storage Tips

During winter storage, boats can become damp and cold which can lead to various degrees of deterioration.

This blog post will give you a few tips to keep your boat in good condition, inside and out:

1. Fit a cover. Try to protect perspex windows and woodwork from rain and UV rays. The cover can also act as a good security measure.

2. Flush through bilges with soap and warm water. Dry as much as possible then leave some floorboards up to allow ventilation.

3. Try to leave a small window or hatch slightly open to allow fresh air to circulate through the boat.

4. Leave moisture crystals inside the boat to absorb any moisture in the air.

5. Make sure your engine is winterised to prevent damage in extreme cold spells.

6. Insulate batteries and periodically charge.

7. Fill the fuel tank to avoid condensation.

8. Remove any damp items such as; cushions and allow to throughly dry out before replacing.

9. Wash/wipe out cockpit lockers and interior cabins with a mild soapy solution to remove any salt residue which will attract moisture.

10. Wash off sails and allow to dry before stowing in sail bags.

11. Flush toilets through and leave hull valves open.

12. Drain fresh water tanks.

...And there we are. A few tips to consider whilst your boat is in winter storage ashore to make sure you have a stress-free re-launch.

Ask about our winter care packages as we can regularly check for damp, pump out bilges, refill moisture crystals etc. We can also provide a regular charge for batteries.

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