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Blagdons Lifting Conditions

Most of Blagdon's terms and conditions are intended to make the yard a safer place to store your boat, and for you and other customers.

These conditions are a guide to having your boat craned and stored safely:

  1. Our Rough Terrain crane has a centreline lift. This means any rigging aft or the main mast that crosses the vessel's centreline will need to be moved before cranage. Usually this requires the disconnecting of the backstay and topping lift.

  2. If your boat's mast has no aft supporting shrouds, please do not disconnect the backstay without first ensuring a halyard is used to prevent the mast falling forwards.

  3. Blagdon's staff are responsible for all parts of the lifting operation. Please do not distract them whilst your boat, or anyone else's, is in the slings.

  4. Blagdon's insists that no one be allowed on-board during the lift.

  5. Every effort is made to clear underwater appendages during hoisting. Blagdon's will not be responsible for damage to unknown submerged parts.

  6. Please do not drive near the crane during a lift until clearance is given by the operator or a slinger.

  7. Please take down any furled foresails before hoisting.

  8. Blagdon's makes every effort to make lifts on time. WE ask for your patience and stress that we never rush any lifting operation.

  9. We reserve the right to postpone any lift if bad weather makes the lift dangerous in any way.

  10. Blagdon's will not lift any load considered to be unsafe and a risk to persons or equipment.

  11. When booking a lift, you are committing to a day and time of lift. Late cancellation or failure to arrive without prior notification may result in the charge for that lift still remaining due.

  12. All lifts are to be paid in advance to secure booking.

  13. Multiple 'possible' dates for lifts cannot be booked.

  14. Please be aware of regular movements of both our crane and fork lift truck.

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