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About our Crane

In 2009, Blagdon's Boatyard invested in a Grove Rough Terrain Crane to replace their older mobile cranes.

This crane signifies the yard's commitment to investing in improving services to their customers and increasing the lifting capacity for larger vessels.

Blagdon's places great emphasis on the importance of safe lifting standards and have a reputation for professional lift operations. Our knowledge of lifting and cradling is unrivalled.

Blagdon's lifting services can offer:

- Boat lifts for vessels up to 15 tonnes gross weight

- Mast lifts for boats up to 18m (60ft) LWL

- Multi-hull lifts

- Quick hoist and launch for hull wash using pressure washer

The yard regularly invests in the best quality lifting gear and have also invested in a new 24 tonne capacity x4 metre long lifting spreader beam. These beams reduce the stresses on the hull during the lift.

We plan every lift in advance and can assure all our customers that we take great pride to protect the safety of your boat during any lifting operation.

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