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Considering Our Environment

The Green Blue is a joint program by the RYA & British Marine to make those within the maritime industry (and beyond), better equiped with the knowledge of protecting our environment.

The Green Blue's objective is "to help boaters and boating businesses to minimise their impact on the environment by raising awareness amongst industry and users; reducing harmful discharges; reducing environmental disturbance; and encouraging sustainable choices." - Taken from their website.

Their website is filled with helpful tips and guidance to make sure that we can do everything we can to look after our surroundings; in and out of the water.

We are keen to ensure that all those on-site are aware of good environmental practice. In addition, we are frequently reviewing how we can do more to be more efficient on-site.

At Blagdon's, we are very conscious of the environmental impact. Please think carefully when using water or disposing of waste. We offer recycling bins on site and can advise on waste disposal and have tanks for waste oils and fuels.

Being located next to the sea, we need to be mindful of the waste products we create and how they affect the environment around us. Please consider what impact you have when working on your boat. We can provide leaflets on these topics from our office and chandlery.

For more information, visit the Green Blue website here:

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